Routes, The – Shake Five – Vinyl

Band: Routes, The

Label: Topsy Turvy

Format: Vinyl


Hot off the heels of the albums “Mesmerised” (Bickerton Records) and “Instrumentals II” (Groovie Records), both released in March 2021, THE ROUTES are going for third base (your musical third base that is), with another new album “Shake Five” out on Soundflat Records’ sister‐label TOPSY‐TURVY RECORDS

“Shake Five” is a collection of ten instrumental guitar songs, inspired by LINK WRAY, ASTRONAUTS, DICK DALE, TRASHMEN and much more… Unlike the large majority of surf/instro bands out there today, THE ROUTES do their instros in raging red raw mono, amp buzz and all. The title track “Shake Five” is a nod to DAVE BRUBECK’s “Take Five”, as it shares the same 5/4 time signature.
Everyone who digs THE ROUTES’ fabulous instrumentals, will absolutely love their new album “Shake Five” that doesn’t just look stunningly stylish but also sounds it. Its exciting and versatile tunes make sure that not only surf‐ and instro‐purists are completely swept off their feet!

1. Wasabi Attack
2. Calimocho Stomp
3. Guitar Weirdo
4. Shake Five
5. Fashion Victim
6. Mongolian Chop
7. Concrete Boots
8. Tickler Of Fancies
9. Space Age Blues
10. Ant Hell

GENRE: Instrumental/Surf/Rock 
BARCODE: 4250137257990