Seducer – Caught In The Act + Indecent Exposure – CD

Band: Seducer

Label: Faster And Louder

Format: CD


Seducer, came from Surrey/UK, formed by Chris Hunt, the band recorded their first album “Caught
In The Act” in 1985. Operating as a power trio, they got a great reputation for playing highly
energetic gigs. For the very first time reissued on CD, digitally remastered, limited to 500 copies with
12‐page booklet, containing lyrics, band photos and the 1984 EP “Indecent Exposure” as bonus. A
must have for fans of the NWOBHM specially bands like Raven, Avenger, Battleaxe and Atomkraft.

1 Don’t Fall In Love (Rock ‘N’ Roll)
2 Do You Believe?
3 The Creeper
4 Wednesday
5 Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand)
6 Call Your Name
7 Take You Home
8 Halloween
9 Rollercoaster / On The Run
10 Blizzard
11 Down Down
12 No, No, (No, No, No)
13 D.T.’s
14 Wild Joker

GENRE: Heavy Metal/Speed Metal
BARCODE: 3121594192685