Solar Temple – The Great Star Above Provides – Live At Roadburn Redux – DVD + CDD

Band: Solar Temple

Label: Eisenwald

Format: DVD + CDD

Catalogue Number: EISEN231DVDCD
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“We tried to push ourselves to musical horizons that we have touched or hinted at before, but now try to fully embrace and indeed give ourselves over to a deeper instinctual urge.” – Solar Temple

It takes a vision of some distinction to stand out amid an unerringly over-populated black metal scene. Gelderland (NL) iconoclasts Solar Temple made it look easy with their 2018 debut album, Fertile Descent: a kaleidoscopic, deep-dive grimoire with atmosphere, melody and a chewable sense of spectral dread, it defied extreme metal’s in-built conservatism and conjured a sonic world with no boundaries beyond an intuitive devotion to the dark. At Roadburn Redux, Solar Temple have upped the pitch-black, transcendental ante even further. Presenting a complete new album, captured live at the Roadburn Festival!

1. The Great Star Above Provides Part I (21:00)
2. The Great Star Above Provides Part II (17:11)
3. The Great Star Above Provides Part III (12:46)
4. The Great Star Above Provides Part IV (09:21)

GENRE: Blackgaze/Atmospheric Black Metal
BARCODE: 4260393745698