Sxokondo – Altered Ego – CDD

Band: Sxokondo

Label: Division Records

Format: CDD


SXOKONDO (pronounced “shock-ondo”, from the Esperanto for shockwave) started as a 4-piece hardcore band in 2012 in Biel, Switzerland. The band later welcomed a second guitar player and moved to a darker path, influenced by the likes of Breach, Botch, the old Converge songs as well as many other chaotic heavy music outfits. After a 2-year hiatus that followed the departure of the drummer, SXOKONDO started rehearsing again with a new drummer and bass player. With musicians coming from various Swiss bands like Elenkhos, Mass Control, Churchill, Bunkr, Euclidean or Profond Barathre, SXOKONDO is not a band of newcomers. Basically, they know their shit. And they will provide with an intense and extra-loud live performance. They already had the opportunity to share the stage with many bands such as Napalm Death, Coilguns, Birds in Row, Wrong, Life as War, Promethee, Euclidean, Ken Mode, Whoresnation… SXOKONDO released a split EP with Oregon Trail in 2014, as well as 3 tracks EP called “Flesh & Sky” in 2020 on Division Records.

After 2 Eps, Sxokondo releases its first album, “Altered Ego”, on October the 28th 2022, on Division Records. This album is a new beginning for the band and the result of various reflections, including the will to work in a DIY and especially local spirit. The final product is a beast of an album, mixing speedy HxC/Crust with more metallic elements in order to annihilate everything in its path. The lyrics were written by Sébastien (vocals) and by Max (guitars) and were in part inspired by the time of the pandemic and the deep social disruption it caused.

1. Faded Brides 03:53
2. Patented Lies 03:26
3. Old Gods New Gods 02:56
4. Le Dernier Civil 05:19
5. Child of Rage 04:41
6. Altered Ego 04:27
7. Post-truth Reality 04:21
8. All We Are 03:25
9. Void 05:36
10. Ruins 04:11

GENRE: Hardcore/Crust/Metal
BARCODE: 7640186555555