Temple Of Scorn – Garden Of Stillborn Idols – 8-Panel Glow-In-The-Dark Effect Digipak


Band: Temple Of Scorn

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: TOR181


From the fertile death metal lands of Denmark, emerges a terrifying new entity conjured up by the sacrificial spilling of blood from members of reputable tribes such as Baest, Bloodgutter, Dawn of Demise, Exmortem, Invocator and more, holding the collective promise of becoming a new legend in the region. Imbibing ancient knowledge from the best in their fields, Temple of Scorn have mastered the dark arts of both death and doom metal and have carved a sound that takes the best aspects from those styles and turns it lethal. Shrouded in darkness and afflicted with rot, the songs both lumber and rampage at will, using the most suitable tactic for maximum aural destruction, always remaining effective.
With unbeatable single-minded intent and possessing everything they need to get the work done, it’s almost with effortless ease that Temple of Scorn deliver an album of greatness, that too on only their debut full length. It’s destined to be remembered as a monumental, inviolable slab of dark and doomy death metal.

1. Subsequent Mass 01:36
2. Burden of Declinel 04:22
3. Begotten by the Envenomed 04:49
4. Icons of Demonic Virtues 03:53
5. Portals to Dystopia 06:13
6. Funeral Altar Epiphanies 06:21
7. Wretched Inner Sanctum 05:56
8. Burning Palace of Wisdom 06:29

GENRE: Brutal Death Metal
BARCODE: 0612789664443
RELEASE DATE: 24/11/2023

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