Ungfell – Demo(Lition) – Black Vinyl + Download

Band: Ungfell

Label: Eisenwald

Format: Vinyl

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Originally released independently in 2015, Ungfell’s first recordings show the project in its rawest form, yet nevertheless showcase the promise the two-piece would deliver on in later releases. As such, Demo(lition) sparked a flame in the extreme metal underground that has been burning brightly ever since. Revisiting these songs in 2022, it is clear that Ungfell managed to capture something visceral and authentic. Although the band’s influences are more clearly on display here than on their more recent output, Menetekel’s ability to craft intricate, yet catchy melodies and embed them in actual songs as opposed to mere riff sequences is clearly noticeable throughout Demo(lition). This ability and ambition is something that the band would hone in on for future releases, making Demo(lition) a somewhat nostalgic listening experience and providing a glimpse into a more simple time for the project.

In particular, this re-issue of Demo(lition) should finally put a stop to the plethora of Discogs scalpers
attempting to profiteer off the record’s scarcity on the market. This re-issue has been carefully remastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, retaining the rawness and simplicity of the original recordings while lending them a slight boost in clarity.

Furthermore, this re-issue includes the previously unreleased song “De Wolf vo Ringgebärg”, originally composed and recorded around the “Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz” era of the band and is the first song to feature Vâlant on drums. As such, it is a piece of Ungfell’s past allowing listeners further insight into the band’s development over the years and showcasing their growth over time. Furthermore, this reissue
features a staggering re-imagining of a surrealist classic, created by the inimitable Karmazid, lending these songs a grippingly fresh and new visual component.

Since the release of Demo(lition), Ungfell have managed to develop into a pillar of extreme underground music. This re-issue allows listeners new and old to explore the band’s past in all of its glory and certainly warrants a listen to appreciate the project’s work in full context.

1. Auftakt (…es lebe der Pöbel) 02:27
2. Hagazussa 06:54
3. Ex Clade Salus 05:30
4. Vom Menschen und anderen Krankheiten 07:01
5. Condamné à mort 05:12
6. Nachtflirren (rehearsal) 05:34
7. De Wolf vo Ringgebärg (6:32) *Bonustrack

GENRE: Black Metal
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