Unto Others – Strength Ii…Deep Cuts – 180g Blue/Black Swirl Vinyl Plus Download

Band: Unto Others

Label: Eisenwald

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: EISEN219LPBB
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6 previously unreleased tracks now on limited vinyl – in an exclusive color! Recorded during the “Strength” sessions (June 2020 – April 2021) with Arthur Rizk in Philadelphia, PA. Gabriel Franco/Unto Others comments: “We wanted to do a double LP with Strength back in 2021, considering we had like 25 demos when we first met up with Arthur (Riszk, producer). However, the label made us whittle it
down to fit on a standard LP. So we had to make the tough decision to cut a few songs we really liked. These were by no means “duds”, in my opinion they hold their weight with the BAND: Unto Others
rest of the songs on Strength.

We just had to make the most cohesive record we could. In the end I think these songs will shine better this way and I’m glad to finally have them out.” Unto Others consist of Gabriel Franco (vocals/guitar), Brandon Hill (bass), Sebastian Silva (guitar) and Colin Vranizan (drums). The band formed in Portland, Oregon in 2017 and quickly made waves across the Pacific Northwest under their previous band name, Idle Hands. After the “Don’t Waste Your Time” EP in 2018, they released their debut album “Mana” in 2019 (Eisenwald), which was immediately voted the second best album of the year by metal.de. In addition to many top lists, the album also received praise from many other places. Stereogum named Unto Others one of the “40 Best New Bands of 2019” and wrote: “In an alternate reality, where the ’80s flirtation with both genres lingered on into the decades that followed, nearly every song on the debut would be the band a hit.”

Mana picked up “Best of 2019” awards from Metal Hammer, Decibel Magazine, Invisible Oranges,
Treble, Stereogum and Heavy Consequence, among others, who noted, “Franco sounds more like
Robert Smith than Bruce Dickinson, although both The Cure and Iron Maiden cut through in his
band’s sound.” Unto Others toured North America with “Mana” alongside King Diamond and Uncle
Acid & The Deadbeats, playing to packed houses from coast to coast. In 2020 they reported back with
the surprise EP ‘Don’t Waste Your Time II’, before their second longplayer “Strength” was released in
2021, which finally brought them back to Europe in 2022 as the support act for Carcass, Behemoth
and Arch Enemy.

Side A:
1. Sailing In The Darkness (3:16)
2. The Fire Of Youth (3:27)
3. Over Western Shores (5:25)
Side B:
4. Passion Rules The Game (3:38 – Scorpions cover)
5. Change Of Heart (3:37 – Demo)
6. When The Hammer Strikes (3:15 – Demo)

GENRE: Heavy Metal/Gothic Rock
BARCODE: 4260393745131