Various Artists – Russian World Music Chart 2021 – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Nordic Notes

Format: ‌CD


In October 2021, Russia’s first world music chart, the Russian World Music Chart (RWMC), was launched. The purpose of RWMC is to attract the attention of the world music community to the
novelties of folk music of multinational Russia, as well as popularization and assistance in promoting
unique musicians from remote corners of Russia in the Russian Federation and abroad.
We picked out 12 Artists from the 20.

1) Staritsa – Kak uvadilsya kotok (Klyukva, CPL-music)
2) Vedan Kolod — Witch (Gorodische, CPL-music)
3) Yat-Kha — Kongurgai (We will never die, The Lollipoppe Shoppe)
4) Shoodja-Choodja — Shooldyrak (Shooldyrak, CPL-music)
5) Uutai — Your force (Dope, Mars records)
6) Opycham — Time of Joy (Where to find peace of mind, Sketis music)
7) Tatiana Molchanova – Sokhnet, vyanet (Songs for Lidia Ruslanova. Part 1, Self-released)
8) Khara — Drunk Russia (Mandragora, Sketis music)
9) Kazachia Sprava – The sun will give the morrow birth (The sun will give the morrow birth, Izba records)
10) Mila Kikina — Creeps and winds (Verbochka, Self-released)
11) Balkhar Ensemble — Balkhar Wedding Song (Lakku Balai: Songs of Lak People, Dagestan /Russia, Antonovka Records)
12) Aleksey Khovalyg – Dorum Doyun (Reincarnation, Self-released)

GENRE: World Music/Russia
BARCODE: 4251329504021