Various Artists – That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 39 – CDD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CDD


1‐CD (Digipak) with 36‐page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 73 min.

* In the 1950s, the major Hollywood film studios established their own record companies, primarily to market the soundtracks from their films on record.
* Bear Family Records® dedicates the now already 39th edition in the ‘That’ll Flat Git It!’ series to rockers from the United Artists Records catalog.
* Since late 1957, great recordings of rockabilly and rock and roll singers appeared there, many of whom moved on to other companies after one or two singles.
* But even later popular names like Al Casey, George Jones or Delbert McClinton with The Straitjackets recorded for United Artists.
* The liner notes in the as usual extensive and illustrated booklet are written by Bill Dahl, the recordings are from the best possible sources and have been carefully edited.

One of a new generation of film studio‐operated U.S. major labels during the late 1950s along with 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., United Artists Records concentrated largely on soundtrack albums during its first few years of operations but tried to cut hit pop singles too, and the company’s interest in rock and roll was obvious from the outset near the close of 1957.

The latest entry in Bear Family Records® ‘That’ll Flat Git It’ series surveys UA’s fascinating early rock and roll catalog, full of promising singers that only cut one or two splendid singles for the imprint (Chuck Wiley, Ronnie Brent, Warren Miller, Wes Bryan, Hunt Stevens, Brein Fisher, Wendell Smith, The Four J’s) before moving on, along with a handful of better‐known names (Al Casey, George Jones, Delbert McClinton’s Straitjackets) on hand for good measure. Lee Hazlewood and his then‐partner Lester Sill produced a handful of late ‘50s rockers for UA, and there are even tastes of belting Chicago R&B (Joyce Davis’ Superman) and atmospheric Gulf Coast swamp pop (Gene Thomas’ Sometime) aboard this essential collection.

01 Let’s Go, Baby ‐ Billy Eldridge with The Fireballs
02 Johnny On The Spot ‐ Hunt Stevens
03 Freeze!! ‐ Wes Bryan
04 Double Dating ‐ Brein Fisher
05 Tear It Up ‐ Chuck Wiley
06 I’m Comin’ Home ‐ Denny Reed
07 The Stinger ‐ Al Casey
08 My Sweet Verlene ‐ Ronnie Brent
09 That Cat ‐ The Straightjackets
10 Everybody’s Got A Baby But Me ‐ Warren Miller
11 It’s Up To You ‐ Brein Fisher
12 They Took John Away ‐ Hoyt Hudson
13 The Green Mosquito ‐ The Tune Rockers
14 Rockin’ By Myself ‐ Sammy Gowans
15 Nashville, Tennessee ‐ Wendell Smith
16 Shake Up The Dance ‐ Chuck Wiley
17 I Feel It For You ‐ Hunt Stevens
18 Kissin’ At The Drive‐In ‐ Sammy Gowans
19 Wait A Minute ‐ Jackie Frisco
20 Hungry ‐ Ralp & Randy
21 Warm Up ‐ The Tune Rockers
22 Rock And Roll Age ‐ The Four J’s
23 Door To Door ‐ Cuck Wiley
24 Puddin’ Pie ‐ Wendell Smith
25 Superman ‐ Joyce Davis
26 Yes, That’s Love ‐ Ray & Lindy
27 Root Beer ‐ George Jones
28 Right By My Side ‐ Chuck Wiley
29 Be Nice, Don’t Fight ‐ The Four J’s
30 Black And White Thunderbird ‐ The Delicates
31 Desire ‐ Sal Mure
32 When You Ask About Love ‐ Jackie Frisco
33 Sometime ‐ Gene Thomas

GENRE: Rock N Roll/Vintage Rockabilly
BARCODE: 4000127176394