Willie Gibson – Saint Ex – Vinyl

Band: Willie Gibson

Label: Gare Du Nord

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: GDN45026



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Wind Sand And Stars is a wonderful and poetic book by the enigmatic author and aviator, Antoine de
Saint Exupéry and was the inspiration of this EP – an aerial voyage through the elements realised by
Willie Gibson in his modular synth-based studio out in the wilds of Cambridgeshire. Gibson’s 18-
minute original piece takes the same meticulous sound design and sequencing approach – this time the
addition of occasional vocal lines and real drums steers it more in the direction of electronic artists
like Tangerine Dream or Harald Grosskopf, while some of the slower passages have the same dark
European exotica of David Bowie’s mid 70s Berlin electronica explorations.

Saint-Ex was conceived as a single recorded work but in five defined sections, inspired by passages
and scenes in the book. Saint-Exupéry went missing over the Mediterranean on a routine
reconnaissance flight in July 1944 – neither the aircraft nor his body were ever recovered.

Track listing:
Side A:
Wind Sand & Stars
Dawn Flight
Cap Juby
Side B
Black Pebbles on a White Plateau
July ‘44

GENRE: Electronic
BARCODE: 684910295901
RELEASE DATE: 27/10/2023

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