Wintermoonshade – Eternal Haunted Shores – CD

Band: Wintermoonshade

Label: Art Gates Records

Format: ‌CD


WinterMoonShade was formed back in January 2020 in the portuguese coast by Haze Fenrir, who got a desire to forge a band digging into the landscapes of genres such as black and death metal. The music of WinterMoonShade is inspired by the nature and spirituality and also mixing those two elements with the personal perception, creating a journey between dusk and dawn, the brilliant sight and darkness converging into its own sound. As for influences, artists such as Cradle of Filth, Moonspell, Wardruna or Heilung are these metalheads’ main influences. Definitely, their roots are whispering dark nature tales, waiting to be heard.

1. Drifting Into Land
2. Lusitania Might Noises
3. Wolf Whispering Dream
4. Eternal Haunted Shores
5. Origins and Solitude
6. Nightfall Muse Medusa
7. Cold Howling Wind
8. Dungeon Rusty Window
9. Winter Moon Shades

GENRE: Blackened Death Metal
BARCODE: 8445162582315