Xeper – Ad Numen Satanae – CDD

Band: Xeper

Label: Soulseller Records

Format: CDD


Soulseller Records proudly presents “Ad Numen Satanae” – XEPER’s striking new album full of power, grandeur & passion!
Formed in 2007 in Treviso, Italy by guitarist Guh.Lu, best known as former member of international bands such as Setherial, Impiety and currently bass player in the Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth since 2012, XEPER present their fourth album. A journey into the secrets of the ancient serpent of knowledge. It features musicians from the worldwide Black Metal scene, such as
V. Einride (Whoredom Rife) on drums, Maelstrom on vocals and guest appearances of Blasphemer (Vltimas, ex-Mayhem), Mantus (Patria) and various others.

1. Fiat Interitus (1:57)
2. The Hidden Genesis (3:51)
3. Under The Will Of Satan (4:40)
4. Riding The Spiral Of Lilith (9:32)
5. Purity And Death (4:32)
6. Snake That Brought The Flame (3:57)
7. Ad Numen Satanae (5:07)

Barcode: 885150703984