Releases – September 2021

Dodsferd (Greece) - Skotos - (Glow In The Dark CD)

Dodsferd (Greece) – Skotos – (Glow In The Dark CD)

Greek black metal legends Dødsferd conjure up what’s arguably their best material yet. This is a step up still from their landmark album ‘Diseased Remnants of a Dying World’ and it retains the fiery, emotionally‐charged black metal music on that one while improving upon the intensity and expression. The two songs are probably the most potent ones the band has to offer and it’s impossible not to be moved by the deeply harrowing music and plaintive cries of the vocalist who’s giving the performance ...
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Replicant (Us) - Malignant Reality - (Glow In The Dark Effect CDD)

Replicant (Us) – Malignant Reality – (Glow In The Dark Effect CDD)

Unheralded death metal kings Replicant return with an album that will send shock waves through the scene. They’ve honed their brand of technical, dissonant and groovy death metal and forged a sound that’s nigh unparalleled. They’ve distilled the best elements of them all into a sonically potent, visceral and frankly devastating album that’s perfect in nearly all aspects. This is the sound of death metal of the times – it’s forward-thinking, suitably dissonant, effortlessly catchy, semi-technical and simply explosive in its execution. There ...
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Eye Of Purgatory (Sweden) - The Lighthouse (Metallic Effect CDD)

Eye Of Purgatory (Sweden) – The Lighthouse (Metallic Effect CDD)

Swedish death metal mastermind Rogga Johansson has displayed a penchant for infusing classic style melodies in his kind of death metal which is most evident in his eponymous band and also to an extent in Revolting and Paganizer. It’s reminiscent of the timeless bands such as Edge of Sanity, Desultory, early Cemetary, early Tiamat, Pan.Thy.Monium and others where they added a dimension without diluting the heaviness. Rogga’s bands are known to be fast and hard‐hitting and such melodic depth counterbalances the pummelling demeanour and ...
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Felled (Us) - The Intimate Earth (Sandalwood Scent) - CDD

Felled (Us) – The Intimate Earth (Sandalwood Scent) – CDD

US band Felled have created breathtaking music melding black metal with folk elements and lending to it rare depth and warmth. The inclusion of instruments such as violin and viola is masterfully done and is used almost as the main instrument here. The soulful music emanating from them is truly heart‐rending and enhances the expression of this kind of black metal without diminishing the intensity. There’s not a dull moment on this 40‐min record, with there being brilliant interplay between the guitar and the ...
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Necrogod (Sweden) - In Extremis (Sandalwood Fragrance) - CDD

Necrogod (Sweden) – In Extremis (Sandalwood Fragrance) – CDD

Necrogod is the perfect expression of atavistic death metal brutality spearheaded by none other than Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Revolting, Eye of Purgatory) who has teamed up with the revered The Master Butcher (Morbid Stench, Insepulto) to make this feat possible. It’s a product of careful deliberation and years of experience, with Rogga Johansson laying down the heaviest music of possibly his entire career and The Master Butcher just taking things to another level with his barrage of unearthly roars. This is the culmination of ...
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Sadistik Forest (Finland) - Obscure Old Remains (Metallic Effect) - CDD

Sadistik Forest (Finland) – Obscure Old Remains (Metallic Effect) – CDD

Finnish death metal stalwarts SADISTIK FOREST return with a stunning new release after delivering a fantastic album in ‘Morbid Majestic’ which was a refreshing mix of various styles without abandoning their core sound. There’s familiarity but the manner in which it’s executed is remarkable. Musically, they don’t adhere to a particular scene either, much like their label mates REVULSION who put out an excellent album recently, but imbibe the best influences to forge a sound that is addictive and stands out. There’s a huge ...
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Slow Death, The (Australia) - Siege (Metallic Effect) - CDD

Slow Death, The (Australia) – Siege (Metallic Effect) – CDD

The Slow Death are an exceptional band that straddles the emotive as well as heavier aspect of atmospheric death/doom metal. There are eerie, haunting female vocals alternated with abysmally low growls to go with similarly undulating music, encompassing a terrific range of heart-rending expression. Members of veteran bands such as Illimitable Dolor, Horrisonous, ex-Mournful Congregation ensure that the music remains engaging, even during the sparser, atmospheric parts, which invariably give way to soul-piercing solos or dread-inducing chugging parts. This is a staggering interpretation of ...
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Eremit (Germany) - Bearer Of Many Names (Glow In The Dark Effect) - CDD

Eremit (Germany) – Bearer Of Many Names (Glow In The Dark Effect) – CDD

German sludge/doom overlords Eremit return after releasing a fantastic EP in last year’s ‘Desert of Ghouls’ which acted as a bridge between the band’s earth‐shatteringly heavy debut full length and the follow‐up album which is definitely a progression. The band doesn’t shy away from writing epic songs averaging 20 minutes, with the longest one being almost half an hour long but that’s where they excel ‐ they’re masters of meticulous songwriting and this genre provides them with the framework they need to narrate their ...
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Shadow Rebels - On The Ride - CDD

Shadow Rebels – On The Ride – CDD

The third full-length studio album by Israeli Progressive Post-Grunge Rock band.Shadow Rebels decided to approach the recording of the new album in the most Grunge style. Unlike the previous release, which was recorded in a pure studio style, with many overdubs and individual recordings of the musicians, this time all the musicians entered the studio and simultaneously played all the songs one by one, in one day, on a tape recorder.There are a lot of powerful and fast numbers, Stoner riffs, and ...
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Torture Of Hypocrisy - Humanfacture - CD

Torture Of Hypocrisy – Humanfacture – CD

Humanufacture album is the 4th studio album by Polish Industrial Groove Metal band TORTURE OF HYPOCRISY founded in 2007. The release is an essence of the band’s ultra-modern style and sound compiled with mastery of tracks composition. Album is representing the 7-string guitars mastership with groove drumming, concrete bass, challenging growls and screams, and strong vibe of electronic ambience inspired by video games such as Deus Ex series or Cyberpunk. The conceptual layer was to show a metaphorical picture of recreating and reprogramming a ...
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Can't Bear This Party! - Ain't No Princess - Vinyl

Can’t Bear This Party! – Ain’t No Princess – Vinyl

Can’t Bear This Party! Is an easycore pop-punk band based in Southern France. It is still, after +15 years, one of the most listened easycore pop-punk band. When we set up the pre-order in January of this record vinyl for the first pressing, it was almost sold out in two days (+150 orders). We have a few more left that we’d like to give to fans!TRACK LISTING1. What Would You Expect from Guys Like Us (Intro)2. So Quarrelsome3. It’s U Between T&V4 ...
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Homeground - Believe In Forgets - Vinyl

Homeground – Believe In Forgets – Vinyl

Indie Punk / Punk Rock band from Nevers, France. This is fresh and fans of NOFX, Iron Chic will love it!TRACK LISTING1. Dear Previous Time2. Mountain3. Conforming Dreams4. Circles5. Constant Protest6. Believe in Forgets7. Something To Die For8.Session Man9. Negative Ways10. Resumption11. Good Things12. Mad HabitsGENRE: Punk RockBARCODE: 612789622580 ...
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Liotta Seoul - Cool - Vinyl

Liotta Seoul – Cool – Vinyl

First single “David Blaine” already in rock lists on Spotify, we got this track featured in several radios and magazines. During the first listen the four tracks off of “Cool” sound very familiar, not because LIOTTA SEOUL copy and steal all of their ideas from other songs but because of their hypercreativity.If you’re older than fifteen and like guitars, you just found your new favourite band. Congratulations!TRACK LISTING1. Powerdrill2. Like Me3. David Blaine4. AirplaneGENRE: Rock/GrungeBARCODE: ...
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Chaos Commute - Fairytales And Nightmares - Vinyl

Chaos Commute – Fairytales And Nightmares – Vinyl

“Fairytales and Nightmares” makes Hard Rock soft again. The twelve tracks on CHAOS COMMUTE’s debut album are as emotional as they are brutal. Between a raging self reflection with a feature by RICHIE RAMONE, casual condemnation of gentrification, a beautifully yearning ballad an angry anti-fascist anthem, singer and guitarist CAMILO BETANCOURT and drummer JULIAN SCHMAUCH are on the run AND on the hunt on these earworms. TRACK LISTING1. ASAP feat. Richie Ramone 2. Bluffing 3. A Normal Day 4. Oblivious ...
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For The Sin - The Human Beast - CDD

For The Sin – The Human Beast – CDD

For the Sin is a Beatdown band that will get angry the quietest of you !For fans of Nasty, Brawl Between Enemies, Desolated…TRACK LISTINGN°1 ‐Scorn of the humanity – 2:23 – Fabien Petel – Joris Courchet – Guillaume RichaudN°2 ‐Reborn – 3:05 – Fabien/Petel – Joris/Courchet – Guillaume/RichaudN°3 ‐ Home run – 2:29 – Fabien/Petel – Joris/Courchet – Guillaume/RichaudN°4 ‐Qayin – 2 :14 – Fabien/Petel – Joris/Courchet – Guillaume/RichaudN°5 ‐ Titan machine – 2 :24 – Fabien/Petel – Joris/Courchet – ...
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