Gajanas – Cihkkojuvvon – Hidden – CD

Band: Gajanas

Label: Nordic Notes

Format: CD

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Gájanas, in English Echo, comes from the top of Finland, Inari-Utsjoki and plays Northern Sámi ethno-progressive music.
Members of the band are Hildá Länsman, Nicholas Francett, Kevin Francett and Erkki Feodoroff. Gájanas was the band of the year by the famous folk music festival Kaustinen 2017 and they won second prize at Sámi Grand Prix song contest 2016 in Norway.
Echoes of Sámi tradition encounter present moment and form a colourful combination in the music of Gájanas. One can also hear a dialog between the traditional and modern Sámi music. In addition it emphasizes the strong nature connection of the Sámi people. Different genres combine and create something new and unique.

GENRE: Folk Sami Folk-Rock
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