Paivi Hirvonen – Kallio – CD

Band: Paivi Hirvonen

Label: Nordic Notes

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: NN161


Päivi Hirvonen, the internationally acclaimed Finnish singer, fiddle and bowed lyre player, releases
her second solo album Kallio on Friday, 26 August. Hirvonen has been touring the world for years
both solo and with the group Okra Playground. Her music is based on the diverse roots of folk music
but spices up the mixture with film music and pop influences. Hirvonen’s first solo album Alku – The
Beginning (Nordic Notes, 2018) was released to impressive international reviews and got nominated
in Finland for the prestigious Emma Award.

On Kallio Päivi Hirvonen paints a picture of a grown woman’s life with all its highs and lows. Her
lyrics address such modern aspects of life as mental health and girls’ rights, but the album also boldly
underlines themes like polyamory and childlessness – topics that touch many middle-aged women yet
are rarely associated with the roles imposed on them.

“I, or any woman my age, should have the right to exist and live the way we want to – regardless of
our years or whether our preferred way of living follows the norms set by the outside world”, says
Hirvonen about the themes on the album.

All the songs on the album are written, composed and arranged by Hirvonen. She is also solely
responsible for the musical performances on all tracks, except for the album opener, which features
additional vocals by Tero Pajunen, Oona Kapari and Pekko Käppi.

GENRE: Folk Finland
BARCODE: 4251329501778