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    Child Of Panoptes - Walk With Me - Vinyl

    Child Of Panoptes – Walk With Me – Vinyl

    This fabulous new 7“ out on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS introduces CHILD OF PANOPTES, a new band from France whose musical style embodies the psychedelic era of the late 60‘s and early 70’s embracing British freakbeat, popsike and American garage‐psych‐rock.

    The A‐side “Walk With Me“ is the band’s smooth own composition with a ...
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    Chuck & The Hulas - Remember You're A Hula - Limited, Coloured Vinyl

    Chuck & The Hulas – Remember You’re A Hula – Limited, Coloured Vinyl

    Coloured vinyl 10” limited press of side project by Chuck Harvey – front man of legendary Psychobilly
    band The Frantic Flintstones

    - Limited edition/coloured vinyl

    1. Honolulu Rock n Roll
    2. Little Demon
    3. Splish Splash
    4. Hula Love
    5. The Purple People Eater
    6. Brown Eyed Girl
    1. Tanglefoot
    2. The Witch Doctor
    3. Don’t You Just Know It
    4 ...
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    Coco Mosquito – L’after Life – Vinyl

    Coco Mosquito – L’after Life – Vinyl

    l’after life by coco mosquito is the first instrumental album and a project by Gordan Muratović who is known for his work with the famous Croatian band Jinx. He is a prominent author, composer, arranger, guitarist, and producer. At its core, l’after life can musically be classified as a crossover between saxophone ...
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    Coronary	- Sinbad - Vinyl

    Coronary – Sinbad – Vinyl

    Classic, untamed heavy metal from Finland!
    On Sinbad, their first full-length album, Finland’s Coronary assumes the mantle as one of their country’s finest representations of pure, 1980s heavy metal that
    goes in for the kill!
    “Coronary refuse to reinvent the heavy metal wheel.” This quote — attributed to Metal Crypt — appropriately sums ...
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    Crypts - Coven Of The Dead - Vinyl

    Crypts – Coven Of The Dead – Vinyl

    Take no prisoners! CRYPTS from germany deliver very true old school deathmetal, no gimmicks, no
    intos, pure and simple stripped down end of the 80s style. Without any exaggeration you can name
    Morgoth, early Entombed, Hail Of Bullts or Autopsy as comparisons – techically fit, great songwriting, a
    fantastic singer, who, if i ...
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    Datcha Mandala - Hara - Vinyl

    Datcha Mandala – Hara – Vinyl

    FFO: The Black Keys - Rival Sons - The Beatles
    High voltage riffage, political and spiritual topics, Robert Plant-esque vocals and an overflowing energy perfectly characterize Dätcha Mandala's sophomore album 'Hara'. The heavy blues trio deliver their strongest, most generous and firmly rock'n'roll record to date. The record was released on June 2020 ...
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    Dead Meadow - Live At Roadburn 2011 - Vinyl

    Dead Meadow – Live At Roadburn 2011 – Vinyl

    Recorded at Roadburn Festival 2011
    Mixed and mastered by Marcel van de Vondervoort
    500 copies on vinyl and cd worldwide
    Maybe it’s 2020’s effect of making one extra nostalgic for live music, the festival spirit, but the intervening nine years have done nothing to dull the luster that Dead Meadow show on Live ...
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    Deha - Cruel Words - Vinyl

    Deha – Cruel Words – Vinyl

    Vinyl release of the 2019 cd and digital release of Belgian metal mastermind Deha (Wolvennest)
    Vinyl comes with art booklet of 8 pages and 3 vinyl only tracks, among them the The Gathering cover Saturnine.
    Cruel Words isn’t flawless. The mix is just as squashed as the cruel laws ov otherwise wonderful ...
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    Dominique Blanc-Francard - Ailleurs - Vinyl

    Dominique Blanc-Francard – Ailleurs – Vinyl

    Dominique Blanc-Francard’s “Ailleurs” is trippy and weird... and yet… the songs are catchy and the album rocks out. Fuzzy guitar, chunky drums, weird effects, a thick mix of layers of sound — all tasty ingredients. Pink Floyd meets T-Rex? It’s a terrific recipe, which surely must describe other albums? Even so, we can’t ...
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    Earthforce - Earthforce - Vinyl

    Earthforce – Earthforce – Vinyl

    "Ultra rare mid-70s UK acid folk rock recordings. Features sitar, moog, acoustic and electric guitars, assorted percussion instruments to create a Popul Vuh like soundscape. If you can imagine the perfect blend of Eastern trance/psych and English hippy acid folk rock, this would be it. Very cool and freaky."

    "Earthforce were an offshoot of ...
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    Elder - Live At Roadburn 2013 - Vinyl

    Elder – Live At Roadburn 2013 – Vinyl

    First live-album by Boston’s Elder, one of USA’s best modern day stoner outfits after two studio
    albums (Elder and Dead Roots Stirring) and one EP (Spires Burn)
    * This release takes cuts from both studio albums and the EP
    * Recorded live at the Roadburn Festival 2013‘What a fucking blast. Seriously. That’s what ...
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    Electric Mess, The - The Electric Mess V - Vinyl

    Electric Mess, The – The Electric Mess V – Vinyl

    New York City's THE ELECTRIC MESS returns with a bang on their fifth album, "The Electric Mess V". Formed in 2007, the band is fueled by 60s garage, 70s punk and hard rock, psychedelia, and New Wave. They have toured throughout Europe and the States, putting on tight and electrifying ...
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    Epic Soundtracks - Change My Life - Vinyl

    Epic Soundtracks – Change My Life – Vinyl

    Our third issue for The Epic Soundtracks collection is Change My Life. Released on 23 of April of 1996 this was the third solo album by Epic. Another masterclass of songwriting at a difficult time for songwriters.

    Here again we have his amazing piano ballads, following a similar path to that of his heroes ...
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    Epic Soundtracks - Good Things - Vinyl

    Epic Soundtracks – Good Things – Vinyl

    Last recordings by songwriter Epic Soundtracks, recorded at home with his friend

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    Evangelist - Ad Mortem Festinamus - Vinyl

    Evangelist – Ad Mortem Festinamus – Vinyl

    In times of doom, EVANGELIST returns with songs of death and destruction. The band was first started in the spring of 2008, with inspiration mainly coming from the obscure epic metal scene in the US, epic doom metal pioneers and metal classics in general. Major lyrical inspiration came from the ...
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