Cantique Lepreux – Sectes – CDD

Band: Cantique Lepreux

Label: Eisenwald

Format: CDD


Cantique Lépreux return for the release of “Sectes”, an EP bursting with savage black metal madness.
One of the most unapologetically rabid projects hailing from Québec City, Cantique Lépreux was formed in 2014 by Blanc Feu (guitars, vocals and keys), Cadavre (drums) and Matrak (bass). On “Sectes”, the band presents four tracks of pure black metal and manage to create music of a captivating, immediate nature. 

In essence, “Sectes” drags listeners to the most sinister graves of early 90’s black metal, heralding the invocation of a most ominous spell. From the opening sounds of “Sectes”, it is clear that Cantique Lépreux are a band with intense focus, immediately grabbing listeners’ attention with their utterly putrid sound. As such, opener “Sacrements de la vengeance” begins with a violent storm of distorted, chord-based riffs underscored by furious double bass that quickly evolves into devastating, briefly chromatic guitar work and highly effective blasting. The music on “Sectes” and particularly Blanc Feu’s fervent vocal work leave no doubt as to the band’s intentions. Considering this formidable soundscape, it should come as no surprise that “Sectes” comprises previously unreleased material, stowed away in an abandoned crypt and only now fully excavated. Listeners familiar with the band’s live audio desecrations may have been exposed to the foul fumes of these tracks, but only now will they witness their full necromantic glory.

“Sectes” was recorded and mixed by the band themselves, who provided these four tracks with the furious and organic sound required for the material to be experienced properly. There is no plastic studio trickery to be heard here. Mastering was handled at Priory Recording Studios by Greg Chandler.

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 4260393744042

01. Sacrements de la vengeance (05:30)
02. Le repaire des anges galeux (04:59)
03. Lune défroquée (03:47)
04. Coterie (05:04)