Death & Legacy – D4rk Prophecies – CDD

Band: Death & Legacy

Label: Art Gates Records

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: AGR289


The female fronted metal act Death and Legacy brings us terrific details about “D4rk Prophecies”, the most extreme album created by the melodic death metal combo to date with outstanding international collaborations, which will be unveiled in April 14th 2023 via Art Gates Records.

The obscure artwork has been designed by the distinguished artist Gustavo Sazes and in the words of the band it represents:
“Based on the cosmic horror narrative opus by H.P. Lovecraft, is used as an allegory to express ghosts, fears, demons and internal struggles, sometimes terrifying, that goes on inside us and strikes fear into our hearts, souls, and minds”.

Death and Legacy explain the new sound in this way: “One more step in the compositional maturity, both of the structures, rhythmic base and the melodies… more and more extreme and melodic at the same time, trying to blur the line that separates it”.

1. Dammed
2.The Unnamed Shadow
3. Beyond the Veil
4. The Fallen
5. Eternal
6.The Dark Side of Me
7. The Enigma of the Sands
8. The Crawling Chaos
9. Dying Life/Dying Lie
10. An Ocean of Sorrow

GENRE: Melodic Death Metal
BARCODE: 8445162833677