Dreariness – Before We Vanish – CDD

Band: Dreariness

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CDD


DREARINESS born in Rome in 2012 thanks to Gris and Torpor, with the idea to allow emotions to become music without any constraint. After writing the first songs, they found the voice of their creature in Tenebra, and in the summer of the same year recorded the first album “My Mind Is Too Weak To Forget”, released in 2013. With a strong line-up and great ideas they entered again the studio and in 2016 the new album “Fragments” was released. Once again great words and fans appreciations and great live shows. In 2020, following the global pandemic, the band’s activities ceased abruptly. During the lockdown the EP “Closer” was recorded entirely in-house, with a very strong electronic element. ky, already active on bass as a session player, and the same Roberto Mascia joined officially the band line-up and between 2020 and 2021, the band entered the studio to record the third full-length album entitled “Before We Vanish”, a concept album about what Schopenhauer called The Hedgehog’s Dilemma. The album will see the light on April 15th, 2022 for My Kingdom Music.

1. Skin
2. Drain
3. Rehash
4. Inhale
5. Excise
6. Exhale

GENRE: Post Metal/Blackgaze
BARCODE: 8002224221669