Deinonychus – Ark Of Thought – CDD

Band: Deinonychus

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: ECHO175


DEINONYCHUS: a band like no other delivering apocalyptic Doomish Black Metal since 1992 and celebrating their 30th years anniversary
* Deluxe 3 panels A5 digipak CD for a great reissue of DEINONYCHUS 3rd album
* Fans of MAYHEM, BURZUM, DIMMU BORGIR, SHINING this is your next addiction
* Without any doubt one of the greatest Doomish Black Metal bands of all time
* This is DEINONYCHUS… a band like no other!
* A music that is a mere spiral downwards infested with murder, vengeance and suicide

1. Chrysanthemums In Bloom
2. Revelation
3. My Days Until
4. Oceans Of Soliloquy
5. Serpent Of Old
6. Leviathan
7. The Fragrant Thorns Of Roses
8. Birth And The Eleventh Moon

GENRE: Doomish Black Metal
BARCODE: 8002224221751