Embrace Of Souls – The Number Of Destiny – CDD

Band: Embrace Of Souls

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CDD


Embrace of Souls, are the group born from the mind of Michele Olmi. The basic idea was to build a symphonic power metal band by bringing together, between regular members and guests, all the best of Italian power.The first choice was to recruit the voice of Rhapsody of Fire, Giacomo Voli who immediately accepted the challenge. Later came Giovanni Paolo Galeotti on guitar, Xavier
Rota of Chronosfear on bass and Davide Scuteri on keyboards but that’s not all ….. many guests attended: Michele Guaitoli from Temperance and Vision From Atlantis, Ivan Giannini from
Vision Divine, Morby, from Domine, Edward De Rosa, Valentino Francavilla from White Skull, Marco Angelo, Roberto Tiranti, from Labyrinth and New Trolls Danilo Bar, Edoardo Taddei , Michele “ Dr.Viossy” Vioni

1. On The Way From The Past
2. New Hope
3. From The Sky
4. In The Castle
5. Shape Your Fate
6. My Dreams
7. Prison
8. We’ll Meet Again
9. To The End
10. The Number Of Destiny
11. Welcome to My Hell
12 Il i ti

GENRE: Symphonic Power Metal
BARCODE: 806891306920