Erzsebet – The Blasphemous Lady – CD

Band: Erzsebet

Label: Art Gates Records

Format: CD


This four-pieced combo was formed back in 2019 by members of bands such as Perennial Isolation, Acid Blood, Archetype X or Lvx In Tenebris. Combining the rawest riffs of Black Metal with symphonic arrangements and a very theatrical image. The band presents this first conceptual work based on the myth of Countess Elisabeth Bathory, twisting even more & exuding beauty and horror. Erzsebet offers a different proposal worthy of being discovered by the international Metal scene. These metalheads are ready to paint the sky with blood with the release of their first opus via Art Gates Records worldwide.

GENRE: Symphonic Black Metal
BARCODE: 8445162500647

1. Örgdög’s Moon
2. Erzsébet
3. Wraiths Behind the Mirror 4. Cachtice
5. Darvulia’s Eye
6. The Blasphemous Lady