Eternal Struggle – Year Of The Gun – CD

Band: Eternal Struggle

Label: Demons Run Amok

Format: CD


Eternal Struggle are a band that understands the power of music and words and channels their feelings
within their given circumstances, into their art-form as musicians. Born into the political heat and everyday challenges of life in the so-called ’holy land’. A system infiltrated with corruption, racism, mandatory army drafts, religious agenda and a brutal militarized police force abusing their power and limiting basic human rights. Eternal Struggle are known for their aggressive and chaotic live performances as well as their strong ambition as a forward-thinking band, fusing elements from both worlds of Extreme Metal & Hardcore Punk. Socially, always fighting the good fight, while bringing different music communities together over their PMA ethics and their hard-hitting, in-your-face groove ridden songs.

1. Manifesto
2. Point One
3. Year Of The Gun
4. As Heroes Fade
5. Indoctrination
6. On Broken Backs
7. Dependence
8. To My Enemies
9. Releechious
10. Modern Slave
11. Pride Kills

GENRE: Hardcore
BARCODE: 4260161861872