Goad – La Belle Dame – CD

Band: Goad

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CD


GOAD is an historical Prog Rock band from Florence (Italy) created by Maurilio Rossi in 1974.

1976-1986 (the early years): 10 years of live at Space Electronic in Florence where they were noticed by Freddy Mercury (Queen). Early releases “Who Can It Be”, “To Mars With You”, “Creatures”.

1987-2000 (Art Rock): Progressive and Psychedelic tunes in their music. Albums: “Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe” (1994), “Glimpse” (1998), “Streghe” (1998), “Il Minosse” (1999).

2001-2010 (Atmospheric Prog): The sound becomes more atmospheric. Albums: “Dark Virgin” (2001), “Raomen – Spoon River Anthology Songs” (2004), “The Wood – Dedicated to HP Lovecraft” (2006), “In The House Of The Dark Shining Dreams” (2007).

2011-2020 (Dark Progressive): New influences in their music from Gothic to Dark Wave. The Black Widow years: “Masquerade” (2011), “The Silent Moonchild” (2015), “Landor” (2018)

Today and tomorrow: the band signs a new contract with My Kingdom Music which trusts in the new blood that flowed in GOAD’s musical veins and in the new album created entirely by Maurilio Rossi titled “La Belle Dame”, an impressive opera dedicated to the ballad written by the English poet John Keats. The new album will be released on May 7th 2021 via My Kingdom Music and distributed worldwidely.

1. The Haunted Palace In The Poe’ Land 
2. The Queen Of The Valley 
3. The Man In The Dreamland 
4. Magic Stairway pt. 1 
5. Magic Stairway pt. 2 
6. Magic Stairway pt. 3 
7. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 1
8. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 2
9. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 3
10. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 4
11. To Sorrow Good Morrow pt. 5
12. The Sweetness Of The Pain pt. 1
13. The Sweetness Of The Pain pt. 2
14. The Sweetness Of The Pain pt. 3

GENRE: Progressive Rock
BARCODE: 8002124211579