Guardian – Miracle Mile – Vinyl

Band: Guardian

Label: Retroactive Records

Format: Vinyl


Teaming up with Dino and John Elefante (Kansas/Mastedon/Pakaderm Records) for 1991’s Fire and Love album was a game-changing move for Guardian. The album was an overwhelming hit with fans, in regular rotation on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, and the band turned into the consummate road warriors with extensive U.S touring throughout 1991 and a European tour with Stryper in 1992. With all the touring, the band made the decision to move, families and all, from Los Angeles to Nashville in order to take things to the next level. Not content to make their third album Fire & Love Part 2, Guardian reflected on two years of touring, all their success, and began to dream of what album number three might be like.

Bach was influenced by a movie that featured a turn-of-the-century carnival that had terrifying and mystical effects on the towns it visited. Bach was also fascinated with the religious tent revivals from the same period that had such a profound effect on the U.S. landscape. He began envisioning an album that combined the two elements, with snake oils, side shows, carnivals, and deep spirituality. The rest of the band bought in to this concept, and Miracle Mile was born. The album demonstrates a band locked in as a cohesive unit, being fun, imaginative, and creative in ways that pushed them far beyond anything they had ever done. Miracle Mile built off bands like Tesla, Extreme, and Giant but was distinctly Guardian. Miracle Mile is the band’s undisputed Sgt. Pepper, their Appetite for Destruction, their Back in Black. This is the band’s defining moment, at the top of their game.

(12″ Splatter + 7″ Black)

Dr. Jones & The Kings Of Rhythm 5:13 Shoeshine Johnny 4:16 Long Way Home 4:31
I Found Love 5:24 Mr. Do Wrong 5:05
Sweet Mystery 3:58 Let It Roll 4:11 Curiosity Killed The Cat 4:28 Sister Wisdom 4:12
The Captain 4:19 You & I 4:06
7” vinyl / 45rpm
Do You Know What Love Is 5:27 + Sister Wisdom (live from Delicious Bite-Sized)

GENRE: Aor/Rock
BARCODE: 637405139655