Heretical – Shub Niggurath – CD

Band: Heretical

Label: Fog Foundation

Format: CD


Heretical was born in 1996 from the ashes of Immolator, thanks to its leader Azmeroth.1997: The first Heretical product is released, “SHUB-NIGGURATH” (demo cd Self-produced). 1998: The band enters the studio to make the first full length album “DE OCCULTA PHILOSOPHIA” (Dark Heresy Rec.), which manages to make Heretical known throughout Italy, thanks to the excellent acclaim received by the various magazines. 2000: They Reprint “SHUB-NIGGURATH” (Dark Heresy Rec.), with two bonus tracks and a new graphic design. 2001: “ARS INFERA” (DH 04 Rec) is released, with a new line-up, where Azmeroth in addition to playing the guitar takes care of the bass and drum parts.

Ars infera had many positive acclaim that earned the band, a mini tour 2004: Heretical return with “DE PRAESTIGIIS DAEMONUM” a more compact and direct EP, more guitar oriented and less focused on keyboards presenting a more mature band than previous works. In 2014 they return thanks to the prints of the new Dæmonarchrist – Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs, an album recorded several times since 2008, licensed in Europe and the USA, which sees the participation of the Schizo drummer. After two Split albums in 2017 and 2019 I am waiting to start again with a new line-up.

1. Satanangel
2. Over the Life Itself
3. Satan in Love
4. Tears of My God….
5. Say You Love Satan (bonus track from Demo 1)
6. Altar of Hate (bonus track from Demo 1)
7. Mourniful Gloom (bonus track from Demo 1)
8. Flaming Demon (bonus track from Demo 1)

GENRE: Black Metal/Black Thrash
BARCODE: 630606209165