1/2 Southern North – Narrations Of A Fallen Soul – CD

Band: 1/2 Southern North

Label: Fog Foundation

Format: CD


During the years 2008-2009 IDVex (Ifigeneia Derizioti) created the project Lothron in Florina (Greece), with the collaboration of other musicians released two tracks but under the lack of finding band members the project disbanded. In the winter of 2013 IDVex formed 1/2 SOUTHERN NORTH as an one person band in Kalamata (Greece). The musical compositions are characterised by heavy melodic lines, languid and sluggish tempo and by the use of prolonged sonic scenes. In addition, the themes of the lyrics are inspired by Mythology, Left Hand Path Philosophy and Occultism. In a nutshell the band is influenced by different sound fields as Black Metal, Doom Metal, Experimental and Avant-Garde music. Until today the band has released 4 demos and 2 split albums.

1. Alpha Sophia
2. Hearts of Hades
3. Breastfeed Your Delightful Sorrow
4. Elegy of Hecate
5. Narrations of a Fallen Soul
6. Remnants of Time

GENRE: Dark Occult Metal
BARCODE: 630606209172