Kvaen – The Great Below – CDD

Band: Kvaen

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CDD


Two Years after the successful and highly praised debut album The Funeral Pyre that took the underground scene by surprise, and received high praise from critics all over the world! with its unique mix of elements of Black Thrash, Pagan and Speed metal.

KVAEN dominated the underground scene and had the audience in a firm grip and still today the album continues to hold a special place for many, with the new album perfectly tittle “The Great Below” Kvaen has taken everything to the max and created a follow up even more grand than its debut, the blades are sharpen and the sound is bigger than ever. The Great below is a sophomore album you’ll only hear once your in life time. Building on the sound developed on the Funeral Pyre but taking everything to new levels with a monster of 8 tracks, this time accompanied by drummer Tommi Tuhkala whom also serves as the live drummer for the band, but the album doesn’t stop surprising there , on this new album we have some special guests on both solos and vocal duets , Jeff Loomis,Mike Weed, Sebastian (Battle ) Angus Norder, Nephente, even swigging a duet with Finnish folk metal vocalist Vreth of Finntroll for ending song The Fire Within Him Burns.

01 – Cauldron Of Plagues
02 – The Great Below
03 – In Silence
04 – Damnations Jaw
05 – Sulphur Fire
06 – Ensamvarg
07 – Your Mighty Has Fallen
08 – The Fire Within Him Burns

GENRE: Melodic Death Metal
BARCODE: 0804589702467