Lone Survivors – Ground Zero – CDD

Band: Lone Survivors

Label: Charlie Lescuyer Productions

Format: CDD


The debut full-length studio album by French Progressive Metal/Metalcore band. A fabulous interstellar trip through music mixing Metalcore, Djent and Prog Metal. Almost everything is gathered here: technique, attack, dynamism and especially Groove. Ultra-powerful riffs, Progressive Metal flights – Lone Survivors offers ten particularly wellproduced tracks whose complex structure is rich in various climates. Alternating guttural and clear vocals, the combo handles with ease the very percussive and dark atmospheres, with more Atmospheric passages and very worked guitar flights. This Metallic interstellar journey proposed by Lone Survivors, if it remains very in-your-face, is very accessible. And the dexterity of the five musicians is for a lot. “Enigmatic Side Effects”, “Lost In My Mind” or “Lucid Dream” offer very different faces, highlighted by the great technicality of the protagonists.

Featuring exceptionally talented musicians from a plethora of different musical backgrounds, the band was solidified by the addition of Matthieu Romarin (of Uneven Structure) on vocals. Lone Survivors took almost two years to find the singer who could carry their music, and the band couldn’t dream of a better performer than the frontman of Uneven Structure to sublimate their compositions. At ease as a catfish in the dark water of Modern Metal, he illuminates the album with his charisma, his power, his sensitivity and his alternations of clear and saturated vocals mastered to perfection.

The production is phenomenal, then it’s Hyper-Technical but with a hell of a Groove and an inordinate power. The riffs are bloody and monstrous. The rhythmic sends bread in the face with clear voices and growls. As for the first album, the band presents a very accomplished and neat work. Mixing Technicality with melody and Progression, “Ground Zero” album is an absolute thrill to listen to. It’s highly recommended for fans of Meshuggah, Periphery, Tessaract, After The Burial and many more!

1. Enigmatic Side Effects 06:14
2. In the Flesh 04:44
3. Paul the Saint 05:49
4. Lost in My Mind 04:28
5. Six Feet Under 03:25
6. New Dimension 01:59
7. Quantum Slaves 06:09
8. The Circle of Thoughts 06:37
9. Lucid Dream 05:45
10. Ground Zero 07:28
Total playing time: 53:00 min.

GENRE: Progressive Metal/Metalcore
BARCODE: 3700398721736