Los Imposibles – Escarlata? – Vinyl

Band: Los Imposibles

Label: Bickerton

Format: Vinyl


Raised in the world-famous Madrid rockandroll neighbourhood of Malasaña in the late 80s, these guys swam against the tide from the beginning. While everybody was into the garage revival, what they really liked was The Beatles, Los Brincos, The Byrds or The Animals… they were in love with beat, r&b and folk-rock, what could they do?

Later they experimented with psychedelia and went back to roots dancing to black sounds until they decided to take a rest of 10 years! … they came back in good shape in 2007 bringing a perfect powerpop record under their arms and entered a new phase. About 7 years ago, lead composer Paco Poza came up with the idea of a double album that would show both faces of their soul, their black rock’n’roll heartbeats and their psychedelic sensitivity…that project was eventually split into two albums.
“Red!” saw the light of day in 2017 and now it’s time for second part “Escarlata?”

The most dazzling work in their life indeed. A massive album with a certain concept structure, a fine goldsmithing job full of intricate arrangements and rich layers, entangled melodies where the listener can hide and discover infinite details. This is their most ambitious album, a true masterpiece, their very own “Pet Sounds”, “Odessey & Oracle” or “Vainica Doble”

1 Todo Al Revés
2 No Se Llorar
3 Phobophobia #3
4 El Lobo Travieso
5 Oil On Canvas
6 Tragaluz
7 Desde Mi Pantalla
8 La Noche Cruel
9 Tu Ingenuidad
10 Gratis!
11 El Mundo Perdido
12 Donde Siempre Es Nunca
13 La Rata

GENRE: Psychedelic Pop
BARCODE: 8425402803578