Mindivide – Fragments – CD

Band: Mindivide

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CD


• MINDIVIDE is the meeting of five eclectic musicians from Italy and Germany with Rosanna Taormina as excellent point of union with her amazing voice.
• With “Fragments” they will show a band ready to paint complex musical landscapes with a great mix of Melodic Metal elements and Progressive Rock architectures
• They bring to mind bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION, DELAIN, OCEANS OF SLUMBER, VUUR but also RUSH and OPETH.
• A great cover artwork painted by the talented Mattia Stancioiu (Elnor Studio).
• Expect a band ready to give you an irreversible experience and an amazing vision of their Art.

1. Fragment 28
2. Skull
3. At Your Whim
4. D.I.D.
5. Reign Of Mediocrity
6. Children Of Nonsense
7. Timeless Spaces
8. Beauty Insane
9. Home

GENRE: Melodic Metal Female Voice
BARCODE: 8002224221683