Nightshade – Sounds Of Dark Matter – CDD

Band: Nightshade

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CDD


Switzerland, Halloween 1998 – Nightshade was founded by multi-instrumentalist Thomas, vocalist David and bass player Al. The band created a distinctive adventurous metal style mixing orchestral arrangements, cosmic synths, taking listeners to the edge of the metal genre. In 2004, the band changed shape and continued as XICON to pursue a more industrial route.

Halloween 2019, on its 21st anniversary, Nightshade was resurrected under the sign of the stars with a newfound energy. A renewed musical style – shaped by 20 years of experiments and discoveries where the spectre of its humble origins lurks beyond its new musical frontiers. The result of this resurrection is a new album titled “Sounds Of Dark Matter” anticipated by the single “Pulsars” in 2020. The album will be released by My Kingdom Music on November 19th, 2021.

1. Set To Destroy The Heart Of The Sun
2. Pulsars
3. New Era
4. Chariots Of Thunder (The Kovenant cover)
5. Andromeda Defiled
6. Zero Matter Gravity
7. The Sign In Decades Absolved
8. A Call From Distant Skies

GENRE: Blackened Industrial Metal
BARCODE: 8002124211623