Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman, The – Lavender – CD

Band: Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman, The

Label: Sireena Records

Format: CD


30 years of “Lavender”! The concept masterpiece from 1991 available again !
With “Lavender” Tom “The Perc” Redecker and Emilio “The Hidden Gentleman” Winschetti broke new ground in the early 1990s. With their first three albums they had already won a regular place in the German music underground, so now they have taken the rest of the republic by storm. The two of them came up with the idea for “Lavender” while they were on vacation in the south of France. On the spur of the moment, they booked studios and put together a firstclass reinforcement, The Lavender Orchestra. The crème de la creme of the German independent music scene at that time appeared, including The Voodoo (Philip Boa), Rudi Freese (The Strangemen), Tex Morton (Lolitas), Uwe Bauer (Fehlfarben), Alexander Veljanov (Deine Lakaien) and Rüdiger Klose (Kastrierte Philosophen).

Together with other guests, they supported THE PERC MEETS THE HIDDEN GENTLEMAN in their ambitious project. The bill worked! In spite of the grunge wave prevailing at the time, “Lavender” found its way into the hearts of listeners, onto the shelves of record stores and onto the workbenches of music journalists. Exactly these rushed with enthusiasm. From STERN to SZ, from ME / Sounds to ZILLO, from TIP to FAZ – a unanimous cheering choir! The television culture magazine KONTRASTE gives Emilio and Tom and their album space for a special, and “Lavender” became one of the most played European albums on American college radio stations in the fall of 1991.

THE PERC MEETS THE HIDDEN GENTLEMAN were on tour with their LAVENDER ORCHESTRA for one year, 100 concerts with a constant road crew of 11 people, their own P.A. and lighting system, lasers, fog machines (filled with lavender oil), kaleidoscopes and slide show. From Kiel to Passau, from Cottbus to Trier. Through Switzerland to CSR. Everywhere they left a deep impression with their rousing show. (Great to hear on the live album “Praha”, also released on Sireena Records). “The Lavender Cantos”, This Moon Of Both Sides “,” The Infant King “and” The Composition Of Incense “were among the clear highlights of every show at the time. It was not uncommon for the 20-minute “Lavender Cantos” to be presented a second time as an encore. The “Lavender” tour ended in October 1992, after which Winschetti and Redecker took a break from the stage for many years.

Sireena Records had already re-released “Lavender” on CD in 2001 for the 10th anniversary of the album, now for the 30th anniversary the long-awaited re-release on CD and LP will take place. Both sides of the single of the same name were added to the CD with “The Infant King” and “Vermilion Sands”, making them available on CD for the first time. 

Tracklisting Blind Faith / This Moon Of Both Sides / The Infant King / Hole in My Head / Hall Of Fame / The Lavender Cantos Pt 1-4 / The Composition of Incense / Is There Anyone Cruising Round My Garden 
Bonus tracks CD The Infant King (Single Edit) / Vermilion Sands (Singl Edit)