Hum – One – CD

Band: Hum

Label: Sireena Records

Format: CD

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HUM play slow, heavy stoner rock, sometimes hypnotically simple…. times progressive….
They expand the sound of the classic power trio line-up with sparingly used choirs and samples.
there are also long guitar solos in the classic hippie tradition…atmospheric, loud, deeply abysmal….
very heavy but without poses….sporadically sung lyrics in two voices support the dark atmosphere of the songs.

HUM are no strangers..they have been touring the Frankfurt music area for many years. ..
their bands were called: Cut the Crap (funkrock), Nanu Djapo (afrofunk), Leyla Trebbien (soul,
deutschpop), Quartet (electrojazz), Papa Tacata (experimental jazz), Fünf Herren (spoken word,
HUM are stand raupach – drums, martin krause – bass, vocals, harri gottschalk – guitar, vocals, samples
HUM will have to be remembered…it just fits!

1. in the end
2. no more
3. creep
4. rise of the locust
5. rising high
6. leaving home
7. the mantis
8. odyssey
9. mayfly
10. t-rex in love
11. pilots

GENRE: Stoner Rock/Ambient Rock
BARCODE: 4260182982327