Psychoward – Committed – CDD


Band: Psychoward

Label: Battlegod Productions

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: BP0052


John ‘Wardi’ Ward – Lead Vocalist/Entertainer/Song Writer
Hails from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom (UK).
Started his music career in the UK in 1979, fronting bands Sticky and Trouble.
Then in 1982, he decided to relocate to Los Angeles, USA, when it was undoubtedly the best era in Hollywood.
He had short tenures with Madam X, London, Hurricane & Slash.
In 1986 he formed the band Shame, one of Los Angeles favorite bands, managed by the Arnold Steifel Company
(Rod Stewart’s management), signed to Epic Records.
He was then managed by Gene Simmons, Simmons Records, up until 1992.
As the Grunge Movement took over in America, he returned back to England to join the classic rock band Shy, to record and tour extensively until 1998.
In 1999, he was called to join Oliver Dawson Saxon, the original Saxon members, and spent 16 years recording & touring with them.
His voice can be heard on over 20 albums…
Has toured over 75 countries….
Then in 2015, after settling in Spain, Europe, he started his very successful & popular One Man Show.
In Spain he met Miguel Angel López Escámez, a successful musician, guitarist….
Miguel Angel López Escámez
Spain’s six string legend, has played in some chart topping bands, Coz, El Norte, German Coppini…
And with some of the most legendary bands from the 1980’s in Spain: names like Panzer, Rosa Negra, Bella Bestia, Chino/Banzai, too many to mention them all.
His guitar can be heard on well over 50 recordings.
He also recorded some albums with Edge of the Blade, band with Alan Kelly (Shy) and John Francis (After Hours), Greek band Rage of Romance.
And also his own band, White Blast with Ross the boss (Manowar) Gene Allen (Lizzy Boden) Kurt James
(Steeler) Tino Troy & Chris Troy (Praying Mantis) Rowan Robertson (Dio) Laurence Archer (UFO) Dave Marshall (Fiona, Vince Neil Band) and Chris Hager (Rough Cutt) on board in his album.

Track Listing:
01. Crazy Angel – 02. Forever More – 03. Celebrate – 04. Chinese Whispers – 05. Part of The Machine – 06. Sleep Well – 07. Champions – 08. What Am I doing Wrong? – 09. Thrown It All Away – 10. One For The Road – 11. Champions (NO FX) BONUS TRACK

GENRE: Rock/Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 691835376936
RELEASE DATE: 12/01/2024

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