Shangri-La – In My Vein – CDD

Band: Shangri-La

Label: M&O Music

Format: CDD

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Shangri-La is a literary (James Hilton’s Lost Horizons) as well as a mystical reference (Shambhala) and symbolizes an invitation to travel. Shangri-La constitutes above all a concept of inner paradise, accessible to all, as sung by the Kinks in 1969. There are many influences: Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz… His styles goes from Progressive Rock to Blues-Rock, with incursions into Punk.

Bourbon Cream ; In My Vein ; No Baby Face ; The Text Machine ; Dorothy; 3:45 Barcelona-El Prato ; Choice of You ; Sound Trap ; Midnight Crimes ; Perfectly Splendid ; Blind in your Heart.

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