Wordclock – A Greater Bliss – CDD

Band: Wordclock

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD


Wordclock presents us his 4th album on Cryo Chamber. Religious visions and apparitions form some of the most universal and striking stories and myths. The desire for breakthrough and grasp of bliss through direct experiences has given way to incredibly imaginative visual and intelectual descriptions of sights of gods in both blissful and hellish states . A Greater Bliss draws upon these stories and writings to create a world of sounds that seeks to mimic the various facets of these myths, from the heaviest and most desperate to the blissful and dreamlike.

The album brought together an international collaboration of musicians during its development time. Portuguese composer and project lead Pedro Pimentel on electronics, synths and various traditional instruments of European and Middle Eastern origin, American saxophonist Travis Laplante, Norwegian cellist Amund Ulvestad also on voice, Portuguese percussionist Luis Neto and Georgian trumpeter George Shamanauri (Phonotek).

The resulting album breaks apart and merges together a diverse amount of genres and musical backgrounds in wide swelling motions and dreamlike musical fragments in both free form and mantra like compositions, crashing acoustic instrumentation with tape fragments and digital spectral synthesis. From contemporary and dark jazz to traditional music, neoclassical, ambient, ritual religious music and electronic experimental. Spiritual and Touching.

Track Listing:
1. By Becoming It 05:04
2. Meant 04:53
3. The Spirit Chokes 03:02
4. Weighed Upon Us 09:37
5. The Less of Me 04:31
6. Binding With Briars 04:44
7. Beatific 02:20
8. Unbecoming 04:23 video
9. Come, Triumph 02:43

GENRE: Ambient Jazz/Dark Jazz
BARCODE: 5902693144380