Releases – June 2021

Ossuaire - Premiers Chants - Vinyl

Ossuaire – Premiers Chants – Vinyl

Having recently inked a record deal with Sepulchral Productions, Ossuaire emerges anew as the grandiose and impetuous first chapter of a concept spawning two albums and recounting the major events contributing to the downfall of christianity and the rise of heresy resounds. Ossuaire delivers a resolutely unwholesome breed of Black Metal, both corrosive and melodic, bestowing upon this offering an aura that is as dark as it is authentic. LP version comes with a 4-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.TRACK LISTING1. Premiers Chants2 ...
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Ossuaire - Derniers Chants - Vinyl

Ossuaire – Derniers Chants – Vinyl

Just six months after the release of their first, widely acclaimed album through Sepulchral Productions, Ossuaire is back at it, with the stunning conclusion to their two-album concept on the downfall of Christianity. Derniers Chants features the characteristic vengeful yet melodic riffing that has helped the band quickly rise among the well-established Québec scene while also developing a more epic side, such as on the spectacular album closer. Another must for fans of the Québec Black Metal scene! LP version comes with a 4-page ...
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Oublieth - Mornelance - CD

Oublieth – Mornelance – CD

After releasing the debut album from his Serment project earlier this year, Moribond is back with something completely different, namely his ambient project Oublieth. Falling somewhere in-between what some would call dungeon synth and the much more cinematographic scopes of artists like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Klaus Schulz, Oublieth draws its inspiration in classic 70’s and 80’s fantasy themes, as evidenced by a recording done entirely with analog synthesizers as well as the stunning cover art by renowned Dungeons and ...
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Oriflamme - L'egide Ardente - CD

Oriflamme – L’egide Ardente – CD

A new Montréal outfit, Oriflamme brings its very own offering to the Québec Black Metal altar with the release of a very promising first album. While offering a Black Metal approach inspired by the early scene, the group is no stranger to nuances, and it does not hesitate to switch gears between furious assaults and slower, more atmospheric moods, complimented by an excellent production courtesy of Tehom Productions. Fans of the Québec scene take heed, this is a first release you will not ...
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Havamal - Brutal Onslaught - CD

Havamal – Brutal Onslaught – CD

This brutal steamroller was formed back in 2004 in Martinez (California, USA). Taking inspiration from bands like Pantera, Sepultura, Testament and Machine Head, and infusing them with influences of New England metalcore and New York technical death metal. Almost Dead has created their own original powerful thrash groove sound that still includes all the elements of metal you know and love.After releasing 4 full length albums: “Almost Dead” (2007), “Internal Chaos” (2008), “Mindfucked” (2012), “Lay Me Down to Waste” (2018), ...
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Havamal - The Shadow Chapter - CD

Havamal – The Shadow Chapter – CD

These sweds formed back in 2016 offer a unique sound with mighty orchestras, simple but beautiful riffs, and a wild mix of viking, black, power and death metal. With crowd-pleasing theatrical live appearances, Havamal brings the audience a complete metal experience. And finally, with the unique approach in the lyrics and the story-telling, Havamal offers something that no other band does: A new kind of metal sound. After unleashing one of the wild debuts in the Viking/Folk Metal scene in 2019, the band ...
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Wormlight - Nightmother - CD

Wormlight – Nightmother – CD

Nightmother is the second full length from Swedish Wormlight following their praised debut Wrath Of The Wilds, Wormlight’s Nightmother creates a tidal wave of forceful desperation. The melodic leads ride this wave in bright, yet ominous, tones, giving an intriguing duality to the sound of this Umeå based quartet. A strong, yet creative rhythm section gives the album a momentum capable of lulling thelistener into a (false) sense of ease and equally capable of utter obliteration. Wormlight present us with ...
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Dino Fiorenza - Basstardy - CD

Dino Fiorenza – Basstardy – CD

Dino Fiorenza is a virtuos bass player who uses a very personal way to express is talentuos mood. After classical studies in Europe, at the age of 18 Mr Dino Fiorenza began to play the electric bass in local bands and, after a tour in Italy, thanks to his personal bass playing (a combination of 8 fingers tapping and funk slap), he joined the band of the European rock star Maurizio Solieri (Vasco Rosi), touring with him as ‘lead bass’ ...
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Nexus Opera - La Guera Granda (The Great Call To Arms) - CD

Nexus Opera – La Guera Granda (The Great Call To Arms) – CD

Telling stories about the two World Wars and molding them into songs. This is what Nexus Opera do, a moniker that reflects the musical bridge between past, present and future that the band creates. The sour tales that it sets to music serve as a reminder of our past and a warning for the future. Nexus Opera was established in Rome in 2003, founded by Marco and Alessandro, two guitar players with a passion for Heavy and Power Metal. Their first songs ...
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Boneyard - Back To A Zombie Planet - CD

Boneyard – Back To A Zombie Planet – CD

New band from Noel of Gruesome Stuff Relish made to pay tribute to Impetigo spanish old school goregrind band, in the vein of Haemorrhage, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Carcass.– Limited Edition of 500TRACK LISTING1. Rise of the Dead2. In a Hideous Pit3. The Green Hell4. Carnival Of Terror5. Let The Good Times Rot view6. No Way Out view7. Under The Streetlight view8. Bloodstains view9. Silent Agony view10. Friday Night Carnage view11. The Tide view12. BoneyardGENRE: Old School Grind BARCODE: 712221449598 ...
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Gruesome Stuff Relish - Back From The Dead And Ready To Party - CD

Gruesome Stuff Relish – Back From The Dead And Ready To Party – CD

Gruesome Stuff Relish live album made during their comeback (2013), live album not live recording. Anyhow this masterpiece has been only released in 100 copies cardboardsleeve and got sold out some days after. Contains most of their early era “hits”, This definitive edition includes their live at Obscene Extreme recorded the same year.– Limited to 500 copies.TRACK LISTING1. Extreme Deformity (Intro) / Horror Rises From The Tomb2. Spaghetti Terror (Is Pretty Cool)3. Broken Gravestones4. Zombie Creeping Flesh5. The Dead Will Walk The ...
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Sarcophagy - The Onset Of Torture - CD

Sarcophagy – The Onset Of Torture – CD

US based in Lafayette IN, started in ’92, The Onset of Torture is the compilation of the two demoes and rare tracks from the band, Staring members of Gorgasm, Human Filleted, Horrific Demise, Catatonic Existence, Purulent Infection.TRACK LISTINGHunger Pains demo1 Blood Soaked2 Motion Sickness3 Soul Searcher4 Mass BurialCut to Pieces demo5 Onset Of Torture6 Cut To Pieces7 The Summoning8 Grisly Homicidal ButcheryBonus tracks9 Chatter Of The Ghouls10 Bloodsoaked 199511 God Of PerversionGENRE: Old School Brutal Death MetalBARCODE: 712221449239 ...
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Sarcophagy - The Summoning - CD

Sarcophagy – The Summoning – CD

US based in Lafayette IN, started in ’92, The Summoning is the only album to date, a millesone in USA’s Underground Death metal.Staring members of Gorgasm, Human Filleted, Horrific Demise, Catatonic Existence, Purulent Infection.TRACK LISTING1 Intro 1:102 Truncate The Pedophile 3:553 Cut To Pieces 4:494 Fecal-Fed Redemption 3:105 Onset Of Torture 3:186 Reduced To Bone 4:057 The Summoning 3:198 Spoiled 3:219 Bloodsoaked 3:2310 Grisly Homicidal Butchery 4:3911 Crucifixion Masochism 4:38GENRE: Old School Brutal Death MetalBARCODE: 712221449246 ...
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Ass Deep Tongued - Shit's All Right - CD

Ass Deep Tongued – Shit’s All Right – CD

ADT started doing porno grind back in 2014, now they ‘ve moved to a concept of Goregrind BoysBand, their last album is a premium french response to Gutalax.TRACK LISTING1. Shit’s All Right2. Let’s Poop Together3. Put Your Tongue Out4. Foto Cokine au 33 175. Cock Meat Sandwich6. Push Your Poo-tential7. Turbo Testo Plus8. Les Minables9. Poopy Doofy10. Amour au 44 16 16 Vs Final Fap11. Shit Everywhere12. A.D.E.E.P.A.S.S.13. Secret 4 UGENRE: Party GoregrindBARCODE: 712221449550 ...
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Northorn - The Art Of Destruction - CD

Northorn – The Art Of Destruction – CD

Northorns fourth studio album “The Art Of Destruction” as four-sided digipak with eight-sided booklet.– Limited to 500 pieces.TRACK LISTING01. Gomorrah02. Inner Temple03. The Art Of Destruction04. I (Meditation 666)05. R.I.P ...
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