Vomit Spell – Vomit Spell – CD

Band: Vomit Spell

Label: Fda Records

Format: CD


After the furious 2020′ demo VOMIT SPELL from Mainz/Germany are finally back with their self-titled debut album. Harsh Death Metal influenced Grindcore. Musically rotted between REPULSION, early CARCASS, BLOOD or NAKED WHIPPER. 10 new mega brutal songs in 34 minutes, mixed and mastered by Koichi Hara at Hara Studio. The cover artwork was drawn by Necro Frost.

Track listing:
01. Carnage at the Morgue
02. Necrotronic
03. Contamination Void
04. Axiom of Annihilation
05. Curbside Lacerations
06. Disincarnate
07. Death Junkie (Addicted to Murder)
08. Leah Sublime
09. Spiritual Enslavement
10. Anthropophagous Inhumation

GENRE: Grindcore/Death Metal
BARCODE: 4046661728521