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    Andrew Rumsey - Evensongs - Vinyl

    Andrew Rumsey – Evensongs – Vinyl

    The eight songs on Andrew Rumsey’s Evensongs were recorded live on a single summer day in All
    Saints, Ham, a remote 12th century church in Wiltshire. Accompanied by guitarist David Perry and
    RealWorld Studios ’Bob Mackenzie, armed with a collection of vintage microphones, Rumsey set
    out to capture ...

    Angelic Upstarts/Crashed Out - The Dirty Dozen - Vinyl

    Angelic Upstarts/Crashed Out – The Dirty Dozen – Vinyl

    Angelic Upstarts, the legendary Brit Punk band from the second wave of Punk bands from the late
    70s is here with a great line up: Mensi on vocals, Dickie Hammond (ex-Leatherface, HDQ,
    Generic,…) Gaz Stoker (Red Alert, Red London, Dipsomaniacs,…), Neil Newton (Dipsomaniacs) and
    Evo (the Blood, Major Accident).

    On the flip side we ...

    Antestor - Omen - Random Colour Vinyl

    Antestor – Omen – Random Colour Vinyl

    Bombworks Records is starting with our best selling extreme metal release ever - ANTESTOR - OMEN (buy the CD if you don't have it!). While listening to Omen, close your eyes and imagine sitting in the midst of an enormous abandoned European cathedral. Lights are dimmed and occasionally you notice a slight ...

    Antichrist Siege Machine - Purifying Blade - Vinyl

    Antichrist Siege Machine – Purifying Blade – Vinyl

    ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE was formed in 2016 as an alliance between RZ and SB. Through extensive touring along the east coast and multiple releases, ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE has solidified their place as a violent force to be reckoned with. Each effort has further developed the duo’s sound, enhancing the barbarity of previous releases.

    The ...

    Apostle Of Solitude - Until The Darkness Goes - Vinyl

    Apostle Of Solitude – Until The Darkness Goes – Vinyl

    On their sixth studio album, Until the Darkness Goes, Apostle of Solitude channel loss and isolation into their finest work to date — a heavy, melodic, ultimately cathartic offering of pure doom. For 17 years, Indianapolis, Indiana’s Apostle of Solitude has been exploring the darkest caverns of the fallible species known as ...

    Apparition - Feel - Vinyl

    Apparition – Feel – Vinyl

    Limited Edition Vinyl- Limited numbers for the UKCalifornia death metal band APPARITION follow their “Granular Transformation” 7” with their tectonic
    shifting debut LP “Feel”. Towering progressive doomy death metal with hammering colossal crawling
    groove refined escalating riffs and lurching, thick, and bludgeoning calculated rhythms. But “Feel” goes
    even more beyond in exploring APPARITION’s ...

    Aqua Barons, The - Extreme Guitar Conditions - Vinyl

    Aqua Barons, The – Extreme Guitar Conditions – Vinyl

    Extreme Guitar Conditions” is an Extremely Catchy and Addictive Cool Album! Instrumental, Magical, and Trippy! You can surf in the Sea or you can Surf to the Stars! It’s up to you! Invest!” Time Mazine Fanzine “This Greek Instrumental combo has great sound tht’s drippy at times, fuzzy and buzzy at others ...

    Arcadium - Breathe Awhile ( Deluxe Vinyl With Bonus 7 Inch) - Vinyl

    Arcadium – Breathe Awhile ( Deluxe Vinyl With Bonus 7 Inch) – Vinyl

    Definitive edition of 1969 psych‐prog classic
    Includes long‐lost acetate mix
    Double black 180g vinyl in gatefold sleeve, with 7inch in own picture sleeve, 16 page booklet with photos and band history Repro promo poster
    7” with picture sleeve Sunbeam is proud to present the definitive reissue of this British psychprog classic, originally released ...

    Arcana - Raspail - Vinyl

    Arcana – Raspail – Vinyl

    Continuing with the vinyl re-issue of Arcana's catalog, we proudly present for the first time on vinyl
    their 6th album "Raspail". Arcana’s approach to neo-classical and symphonic-ambient could well
    be defined in the meaning of the word “Arcana” itself: specialized knowledge of something generally
    considered a mystery or a secret. On their sixth ...

    Are We Evil? - A Tribute To Diamond Head - Vinyl

    Are We Evil? – A Tribute To Diamond Head – Vinyl

    DIAMOND HEAD honored with the first tribute album, "Are We Evil?"
    This tribute compilation includes 9 heavy metal classics originally recorded by one of the most important and influential bands of the genre, DIAMOND HEAD, performed by young acts from Europe and North and South Americas: AMBUSH (Sweden), BLACK MASK (Mexico), CRYSTAL VIPER (Poland), ...

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    Aridus - Serpent Moon - Vinyl

    Aridus – Serpent Moon – Vinyl

    The distant howl of coyotes echoes through the desert night. Over a windswept mesa the Serpent Moon rises. This is how Galen Baudhuin (Wolves In The Throne Room, Infera Bruo, Street Tombs and more) envisions the debut album of ARIDUS. In conspiracy with Eisenwald, he takes you on a journey to his majestic ...

    Arnaud Rebotini - Curiosa - Vinyl

    Arnaud Rebotini – Curiosa – Vinyl

    Award winning artist Arnaud Rebotini signs the music of Lou Jeunet's historical drama, with a cheerful and joyful electro score that connects with the youth of the actors, reflects the feelings and melancholy of the characters, and joins the spirit of "120 bpm".TRACK LISTING
    Le Miroir
    Noircissement Direct
    Les Egouts
    La bouquetière
    La Demande en Mariage
    Marie ...

    Artificial Brain - Artificial Brain - Vinyl

    Artificial Brain – Artificial Brain – Vinyl

    Drawing frequent comparisons to mind-altering progressive death metal acts, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN have distinguished themselves from their peers through an emphasis on rich, melancholic melodic figures, contextualizing the harmonic and emotive qualities of black metal within a more aggressive death metal framework. Dissonance is threaded through elegiac, otherworldly chordal structures; saturnine tremolo melodies float ...

    Ashtoreth - Rites Iii-Iv - Vinyl

    Ashtoreth – Rites Iii-Iv – Vinyl

    Awaited follow up to the 2019 album Rites I & II, we're presented with 2 subsequent aural rituals from Peter Verwimp intricate guitar driven soundscapes. The Rites series touches on the importance of ceremony and ritual in our daily lives. It deals with our interconnectedness with nature as a whole ...

    Ateiggar - Tyrannemord  - 180g Coloured Vinyl Plus Download

    Ateiggar – Tyrannemord – 180g Coloured Vinyl Plus Download

    Thematically, “Tyrannemord” is a fascinating account of the assassination of Leo Armenius, the fifth of his name and ruler of the Byzantine Empire. Occurring in the palace chapel of St. Stephen during midnight mass in the year DCCCXXX, Ateiggär draws influence from the writing of German poet and playwright Andreas ...