Dawn Of A Dark Age – Transumanza – CDD


Band: Dawn Of A Dark Age

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: ECHO187


Great Avantgarde Black Metal where the clarinet assumes a main role. Talented Jazz musician, the artist manages to combine the iconoclastic fury of Avantgarde Black Metal with the refinement and experimentation of the clarinet sound.

The effect is a mix between the ancient popular roots of Folk music with the elements of Extreme Metal. The dark and menacing timbre of the instrument combined with ferocious blast-beats and
distorted guitars, opens the door to new scenarios. A must for fans of Agalloch, Wolves In The Throne Room, Myrkur, Saor, White Ward.

1. La Scasata
2. Transumante
3. Preghiera Pagana (Dell’Abbandono)
4. Il Gran Tratturo Magno
5. Cantico Tra Cielo E Mar
6. I Regi Tratturi
7. Preghiera Pagana (Del Ritorno)

GENRE: Iconoclastic Avantgarde/Black Metal
BARCODE: 8002324231872
RELEASE DATE: 08/12/2023

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