Eternal Elysium – Share – CD

Band: Eternal Elysium

Label: Robustfellow Productions

Format: CD


“This album is a chaotic masterpiece of metal; it blasts your eardrums with sonic guitarwork, powerful
vocals, and vigorous drumming. The pieces vary in length, spanning anywhere from over nine minutes to under three. There are definitely influences here from many classic hard rock bands, including Deep
Purple and Black Sabbath, and at times the album even sounds as if it came from that time period.
Altogether, this release is a powerful blast of pure metal; fans of the stoner rock and doom metal scenes
will, without doubt, love this album.”

1. Schizy
2. Feel the Beat
3. Movements and Vibes
4. Waiting for the Sun
5. Machine
6. No Answer
7. Love is All
8. Dogma
9. Fairies Never Sleep
10. Burning A Sinner *Witchfinder General cover [Bonus Track]
11. Just Friends (Empty Love) *St. Vitus cover [Bonus Track]
12. Godzilla [Bonus Track]

GENRE: Doom/Psychedelic/Stoner
BARCODE: 2092502200284