Radio, The – Live In Haldern 1984 & 1985 – CD

Band: Radio, The

Label: Sireena Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: SIR2238
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Jennifer and Win Kowa – After OCTOPUS, THE RADIO continued successfully!

Jennifer, born in Frankfurt am Main, is already on stage at the age of 13. She commutes between London, her mother’s hometown, and Frankfurt am Main and becomes a founding member of prog legend OCTOPUS in 1973. With OCTOPUS she records 3 albums for Sky Records (all available on CD from Sireena Records) and stays with the band for 7 years, although several international acts try to poach Jennifer. Many journalists are enthusiastic about Jennifer’s performance and voice and count her among the best rock singers in Germany from an early age.

Win, born in Düsseldorf, founded the band ZOOM in 1972. In 1976 he first switched to STRAIGHT SHOOTER and in 1977 to STREETMARK, with whom he toured Germany, before joining OCTOPUS in 1978. He was an endorser of Roland’s GR-700 guitar synthesizer after being personally asked by Ikutaro Kakehashi to promote his products. In 1981, Jennifer and Win Kowa formed THE RADIO. You first play in a quartet with changing bassists and keyboardists. In July 1982 they decide to only perform as a trio. The band tours through Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland and inspires the audience and the press with over 400 performances.

In addition to many big festivals with Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon, Mother’s Finest etc., a highlight is an appearance at the 2nd Haldern Pop Festival in 1985, which resulted in THE RADIO becoming the headliner at the 3rd Haldern Pop Festival in 1986. The 1985 concert was recorded by Kurt Mitzkatis, 1st Chairman of German Rock e.V. on S-VHS and artificial head. The 1986 concert was recorded by Wolfgang “Schabbach” Neumann directly from the FOH mixer plus 2 microphones in the audience. The three studio recordings with the guests Helmut Hattler (bass) and Fritz Randow (drums) were made in 1985 in the Walldorf Studio near Frankfurt.

01-Opening (Live 1986) 2:05
02-Dance (Live 1986) 3:45
03-Hold Me (Live 1986) 5:09
04-Red Light Sister (Live 1986) 2:25
05-Icebox (Live 1986) 5:10
06-Harmony (Live 1986) 4:03
07-The world is overcrowded (Live 1986) 3:54
08-Winners & Loosers (Live 1985) 4:44
09-Money (Live 1985) 3:41
10-Friendship (Live 1985) 3:02
11-New York (Live 1985) 5:57
Bonus Tracks
12-Hold Me (Studio 1985) 4:18
13-Red Light Sister Studio 1985) 3:09

GENRE: Rock/Krautrock
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