Underwater Sleep Orchestra – The Night And Other Sunken Dreams – CD

Band: Underwater Sleep Orchestra

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CD


Underwater Sleep Orchestra is a new project by Pär Boström of Cities Last Broadcast/Kammarheit, and Bruce Moallem of God Body Disconnect. Two friends diving deep into the dreamworld to excavate dreams and music. The album is presented as two different dreams from the same night. One a nightmarish journey within blurry worlds and the other a nostalgic dream about things real and unreal. Both carefully expressed through synthesizers and pedals, cassette experiments and field recordings. All music finally processed through VHS tape.

Music for lost dreamers and admirers of solemn underwater music, previously only heard in dreams.
2 CD Digipak comes with a 16 page booklet
Music by Bruce Moallem & Pär Boström

Track Listing:
1. Midnight Sinkhole 05:14
2. A Sullen Slumber 06:04
3. Worms Within 03:45
4. The Gnawing 05:31
5. Wing Upon Wing 04:35
6. The Mechanical Hour 05:34
7. Sink Slower 05:37
8. Sing It Like Fire 03:21
9. Dressed as a Memory 04:14
10. A Dock of Departing Ships 05:54
11. Blurred Oceans 04:50
12. The Inconsolable 04:17
13. Dreamt within the Belly of a Deer 05:20
14. Something Remembered 03:51
15. Falling through the Stars 04:13
16. Only the End 05:35

GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 5902693144199