Wyrdlander – Wyrdlander – Cassette

Band: Wyrdlander

Label: Dead Seed Productions

Format: Cassette


WYRDLANDER is the ambient project of David Thiérréé, fully recorded and illustrated by David himself. David is known for his many works and illustrations with elite musicians in extreme metal (Behemoth, Ihsahn, Gorgoroth etc.) ” WYRDLANDER is an attempt to create sound collages and audible landscapes linked to my artworks. I tried to imagine how my illustrations would sound, and express what’s inside my head while I’m working on them.Creatures, deep forests, underworld realms, and a bit of magic and unsafe travel. I hope that, while listening to these sounds, you’ll be able to create your own worlds and images.” – David Thiérrée

1 Hidden Paths
2 Subterranea
3 The Journey
4 Trolldom
5 Slumptroll
6 The Spell
Over 60 mins

GENRE: Electronic/Ambient/Dungeon Synth
BARCODE: 034966655608