Crypthios – Vestigium – CDD

Band: Crypthios

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD


Crypthios debuts on Cryo Chamber with the album Vestigium. This layered and intricate album of soothing and textural movements depict a post apocalyptic world that is peacefully lonely but with brooding undertones.

You must have hit your head pretty hard while escaping New City, the last remaining city of man. You hardly remember the journey on the raft that carried you across the raging sea to the shores of the graylands. Massive structures of bronze and stone swept the barren landscape. Some serving as tunnels entrances leading into underground halls, where archaic machines were still whirring and beeping in the massive network. The deep sub level labyrinth stretched endlessly, bird like creatures cried in the distance. You found logbooks and warning signs, bio hazard warnings next to old dusty hazmat suits. Deeper still in the maze you uncovered the carvings of former inhabitants upon stone obelisks, prophetizing the fall of man and the end of times. After weeks in the maze, you finally stumble upon a recent journal entry, someone else is alive down here!

Track Listing:
1. Sea Shelter 08:54
2. White Fog 04:49
3. Catatonia 6:12
4. Below the Islands 4:35
5. Bronze Face 3:15
6. Forgiveness 4:32
7. Vestigium 8:32

GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 5902693145578