Electric Family, The – Saba – CD

Band: Electric Family, The

Label: Sireena Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: SIR2237


The 7th studio album of the celebrated German formation THE ELECTRIC FAMILY!

In 2020, the Electric Family surprised with the “nearly” concept album “Echoes Don’t Lie” and caused a stir not only in Germany. The musicians were looking forward to the concerts planned at the time, which then fell victim to the lockdown and were postponed to an uncertain future. At that time, the family only briefly licked their wounds and immediately went to work on the follow-up album. The idea of a sequel to the Echoes album was quickly scrapped. Only the title “News From The Echo Room” made it onto the new album and forms a kind of connection to the predecessor. The rest of the song material was created independently.

The album begins quite harmoniously with the folky “Sticker Che” then seamlessly transitions into the somber “Gull Sweat”, which accompanies the flight of a seagull over an apocalyptic and end-of-times landscape. The brisk “Reptile”, accompanied by sitar sounds, surprises with a danceable groove, before “Mr. Megalomaniac” starts a four-minute noise orgy that has washed up.

“Alan The Arab” on the other hand is a humorous affair and comes across in the best Captain Beefheart manner. After the already mentioned “News From The Echo Room”, the band presents the only cover song of this album with “La Fille Du Père Noël”, once again written by Jacques Dutronc. The Electric Family presents the title heavy, dark and hard! A monolith! “Who’s Your Dream Girl” convinces with confusing lyrics and compact composition. The conclusion is “I Love The Lighthouse”, which was recorded during the “Terra Circus Tour 2019 in Frankfurt”. The sprawling version, announced by Tom “The Perc” Redecker as a psychedelic shanty, impressively demonstrates the band’s playful qualities on stage.

Long-standing family members such as Burghard Rausch (Agitation Free), Marlon Klein (Dissidenten, Peter Apel, Jochen Schoberth and Anders Becker) joined the regular crew of Tom “The Perc” Redecker, Rolf Kirschbaum and Harry Payuta. Achim Färber, among others, was a newcomer (Project Pitchfork, Heppner). The result was another album bursting with variety, which ranges from mellotronal folk rock and psychedelic chamber music to alternative rock with prog/krautrock borrowings. A cornucopia of musical ideas! And as with every album by this band, nothing compares.

01 Sticker Che 4:00
02 Gull Sweat 6:35
03 Reptile 3:13
04 Mr. Megalomaniac 4:00
05 Alan The Arab 5:37
06 News From The Echo Room 5:00
07 La Fille Du Père Noël 3:51
08 Who’s Your Dream Girl 3:44
09 I Love The Lighthouse 9:42

GENRE: Krautrock/Progressive Rock/Psych/Folk Rock
BARCODE: 4260182982372