Nautilus – A Floating City – CD

Band: Nautilus

Label: Sireena Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: SIR2235
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Two years after the acclaimed band followed in the footsteps of Captain Nemo beneath the seas with their comeback album The Mystery of Waterfalls (CD and LP Sireena Records), Nautilus return to the surface with their eighth studio album A Floating City . Based on Jules Verne’s semi-fictional travelogue “A Floating City” (1871), in which the “Great Eastern” embarks from Liverpool on the great voyage to the “New World”, Nautilus transpose the theme into the bitter reality of the present, thereby refining Nautilus on “A Floating City” their musical concept with the same line-up, but with expanded instruments and vocals. Once again, the symbiosis of their influences from the 70s (Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream) succeeds in creating their own unmistakable style.

Ecstatic guitar parts in the finale of the almost 15-minute key track “The Great Eastern”, pulsating psychedelic sequences (“Departure”), highly emotional folk echoes as in “Mother” and surprising new facets and twists (“Silver Ways And Rainbows”) result in an immense varied, intense and highly melodic album with a wonderful flow. Grobschnitt co-founder and mastering expert EROC, who also contributed a small but effective surprise to the departure of the floating city, once again ensured good sound.

1. Waiting Room 5:53
2. Departure 6:05
3. The Great Eastern 14:16
4. Unguilty 4:07
5. Moondance 6:44
6. Autumn Light 5:03
7. Mother 4:49
8. Silver Ways And Rainbows9:55
9. The Fall 4:30
10. Last Signals On Endless Sea 5:42

GENRE: Progressive Rock
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