Electronomicon – The Age Of Lies – CD

Band: Electronomicon

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CD


The band creates classic melodic hard rock without losing the feel of 80’s traditional metal. “The Age of Lies” is inundated with variety; from the aggressive “Song of Hate” to the gentle ballad “One Day”. The album tells a story of a troubled mind that eventually finds peace. The record is designed with different song moods, creating an emotional roller-coaster, capturing the characters mental state.

1. The Age Of Lies
2. I’m Still a Rebel
3. Trapped In Time
4. Welcome To My Life
5. Afterlife
6. Tempest
7. One Night
8. Emerald Forest
9. The Song Of Hate
10. One Day
11. Venom
12. Gateway To a Galay Unknown

GENRE: Classic Metal/Power Metal
BARCODE: 606707005357