Chronosfear – The Astral Gates Pt. 1 – A Secret Revealed – CDD

Band: Chronosfear

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CDD


CHRONOSFEAR was founded as Wings in 2003, in Brescia (Italy), by the drummer Michele Olmi. A first demo was released in 2013, but soon afterevery band-mate left the project, except for Michele, who insisted on performing live.The band found the right line-up and stabilized only in 2016, with Michele Olmi (drums, also mastermind of his solo-project Embrace of Souls), Davide Baldelli (keyboards), Xavier Rota(bass, also in Embrace of Souls) Filippo Tezza (vocals and songwriting, also mastermind ofhis solo projects Tezza F. and Silence Oath), and Edoardo “Thespot” Lamacchia (guitar),who joined the band in november 2016.With this line-up, CHRONOSFEAR finished composing their first official record in summer2017: the debut album “Chronosfear” was released in May 2018 via Underground Symphony Records (Labyrinth, Arthemis, Sabaton, White Skull…).In September 2019, Edoardo Lamacchia and Chronosfear parted ways, due to differentartistic visions and aims. So, in November 2019, the band announced the new guitaristFrank Campese.

The second record was ultimated and then recorded during the lockdown periods due to theCovid-19 world pandemic; it is entitled “The Astral Gates Pt. 1 – A Secret Revealed” and it isthe first part of a two-album concept.The album will be released by Elevate Records in the first months of 2022. Chronosfear played with important metal-acts like Lacuna Coil, David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Serenity, Temperance, Crying Steel, Edu Falaschi (ex-Angra), Elvenking,Arthemis, White Skull, Trick Or Treat, Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth, Angra), Skeletoon,Skanners

Second album, fantastic digipack artwork 16 pages booklet. Featuring Alessia Scolletti (TEMPERANCE)

2101: Ruins of Our World – Prologue (2:11)
Faithless Times (5:18) OFFICIAL VIDEO
For A New Tomorrow (5:20)
The Astral Gates (4:40) Single and Lyric Video
Under This Bleeding Sky (4:29)
Paralyzed – Interlude I (0:59)
Beyond (5:41) Single and Lyric Video
Fragments (4:58)
Code Red – Interlude II (1:19)
Eyes Of the Wolf (5:23)
The Fortress Tower (6:58)
The World I Left Behind (4:09)

GENRE: Power/Symphonic Metal
BARCODE: 0606707025850